Saguaro Week in Review: January 27-31

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This Week

This week we began our Spring (albeit still Winter) studies of Botany. As the students have found a renewed interest in the Cultural areas of the classroom, this was the perfect time to really capture their interest. The 1st and 2nd years began with an experiment to determine the needs of plants. Three specimens were limited by one variable (heat, light, water) and one was given all elements. On Friday, they were tickled to find that the specimen with no sunlight had the greatest (and only) growth! Most, including myself, were surprised to find that the one with all needs met had not sprouted. We talked about how scientists often have to grow back to the drawing board or take into consideration other factors. We agreed that perhaps it just needed a little more time. And lo and behold, it sprouted just in time for our Learning Celebration on Saturday (below)! Following the unveiling of their research, they created their own “Needs of Plants” chart based on a chart we studied, which was inspired by Maria Montessori herself.Meanwhile the 3rd years created an experiment based on previously gained knowledge that roots are water seekers. Unlike previous sandwich bag experiments, this one has a little twist–literally! Every 3rd day, the bag is rotated (twisted–get it?!) 90 degrees, thus changing the original orientation of the water. Roots being water seekers, they will change direction in order to seek their water source. With continued rotation, the roots will eventually resemble a spiral around the seed. Recording data based on observations is an important part of the process for all scientists, as is making predictions.







Our 3rd years also focused on classifying plants based on whether they were vascular or non-vascular (Bryophites), whether they reproduced by spores or seeds, if the veins on the leaves were parallel or pinnate, and more. Many of the students recognized information they had previously gained from the Timeline of Life work, just another example of the interconnectedness of our curriculum. This is quite a challenging work and requires critical thinking.

Beyond our Botany emphasis, we powered through spelling work, math facts, a birthday celebration, our first Sewing Circle volunteer session, handwriting, and more! It was a busy week which was capped by a beautiful morning at the Power campus for our science Learning Celebration.

May the beauty of this weekend continue to see us through for the week ahead!

Ms. DeWyke


Campus News

Mark Your Calendars!

Feb 5: Spring Class Picture

Feb 15: Atlantis DIY Day (more info)

Feb 17: No School

Feb 18: Montessori Vision informational night (NEW DATE!)









Feb 26: Half- Day 11:15am Dismissal

Feb 29: A Night in Atlantis Fundraiser (see below for additional info)


A Night in Atlantis Fundraiser

Through the years we have traveled from fashion shows to A Night in Paris,  celebrated at the Montessori Golden Globes, and now we take you on a grand adventure to: A Night in Atlantis, February 29th at 7:00 pm. Please join us for a beautiful night in the magical underwater Atlantis Kingdom, full of music, fine food, drink, and art created by your favorite Montessori students.

Tickets for the event go on sale January 6th and are $35.00 for General Admission and $60.00 for VIP Seating. VIP tickets include printed pictures of your student(s) taken at a themed photo shoot, plus reserved seating, complete with a bottle of wine.

Want to help? We are looking for the following items:

  • Children who want to preform and share their talents during the evening (If interested, contact Mrs. Heller at:
  • Old pool noodles
  • White Christmas lights (White lights on white strings are the best!)
  • Clear plastic bulbs
  • LARGE cardboard boxes –T.V. or appliances boxes