Saguaro Week in Review: January 13-17

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Welcome back, Saguaro families! With the start of the new year, we are embracing a new tool for sharing newsletters–a dedicated weekly email page. While many of you were already accustomed to using the website to read weekly emails, now you can do so by utilizing posts (what you are reading now!) instead of pdf docs. I hope this will be a great resource for you to learn about our week in review.

This Week…

This week we took our spelling word study to a new level! Students had the opportunity to “test out” of completing follow up work from their sight word menu if they scored 100% on their Monday pre-test. Many of them took this challenge! For those who needed additional practice, we worked through the menus in order to prepare for the Friday test. Any words that still needed some practice were recorded 3x each for extra support. This is a great example where we can stress the idea of practice as the difference between not (yet!) being a master of something and being a master. Last week we related this to setting goals for things we need more work at, be it an athletic skill, academic goal, character development, or even a hobby we want to become more refined in. Practice makes progress!

Unfortunately I missed a couple days this week due to my little one being home sick, but Ms. Berhost held the fort down in my absence. After 4 years of partnership together, she knows how to steer the ship and keep things moving! While I was away, they created a beautiful paper bouquet of flowers and a birthday book to surprise me with on Friday. Instead of the traditional walk around the sun for birthday celebrations, I shared something about myself that they aren’t as familiar with: my passion for photography. The 4×5 film camera (below) was my trusty companion during college and remains one of my most valuable possessions. It was so fun to share this part of me and to see their interest in it!

Sending peace and warmth for the week ahead!

Ms. DeWyke


Campus News

Mark Your Calendars!

Jan 25: Eastmark Color Run

Jan 27: Spring clubs start

Feb 1: STEM Fest/Learning Celebration 9-12am Power Campus

Feb 5: Spring Class Picture

Feb 17: No School

Feb 26: Half- Day 11:15am Dismissal

Feb 29: A Night in Atlantis Fundraiser


A Night in Atlantis Fundraiser

Through the years we have traveled from fashion shows to A Night in Paris,  celebrated at the Montessori Golden Globes, and now we take you on a grand adventure to: A Night in Atlantis, February 29th at 7:00 pm. Please join us for a beautiful night in the magical underwater Atlantis Kingdom, full of music, fine food, drink, and art created by your favorite Montessori students.

Tickets for the event go on sale January 6th and are $35.00 for General Admission and $60.00 for VIP Seating. VIP tickets include printed pictures of your student(s) taken at a themed photo shoot, plus reserved seating, complete with a bottle of wine.

Want to help? We are looking for the following items:

  • Children who want to preform and share their talents during the evening (If interested, contact Mrs. Heller at:
  • Old pool noodles
  • White Christmas lights (White lights on white strings are the best!)
  • Clear plastic bulbs
  • LARGE cardboard boxes –T.V. or appliances boxes