Saguaro Week in Review: February 3-7

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This Week…

This week was the start of many new “units” of study in our classroom, including opinion writing, Black History, and continent research. It was also the end of our first book of Frye’s high frequency words, 10 lists equaling 100 words in all! Students will move on to their next book on Monday. Even through some of the groans and sighs, we have seen a significant improvement in spelling and reading recognition since implementing spelling tests last quarter. And as a result, confidence, especially in our younger students, has grown tremendously!

The 3rd years are beginning their Black History research projects, starting first by selecting a significant figure, current or past. You should expect a copy of your student’s research contract this week so you can offer support as needed. They will have time during class to research, both with printed and digital resources, but may require additional resources. This is a great opportunity to visit your local library! Projects are due on March 19; expect a schedule with presentation times the week before Spring break.

The 2nd years also began their continent research this week, a project that most have been looking forward to all year! After seeing the 3rd years work on their country research last quarter, they were eager to begin research of their own. Half of the group has selected their continent with the other half committing to a continent next week. Like the 3rd years, we will work together in class using a variety of printed and digital resources. Additional information about projects/presentations will go home next week with the final project due March 6.

Many of the 1st years worked on Dynamic Subtraction Stamp Game (making exchanges) this week, while others worked on memorizing multiplication math facts. There has been a definite shift in the curiosity and work ethic of our 1sts over the last couple weeks. While we continue to grow their stamina for challenging works, they are beginning to independently choose those works and are seeing the fruits of those labors!

Stitching and listening to books at the Listening Station (below) continue to be favorite activities. It is always a highlight of my week when I get to spending time giving these lessons (below). Sewing is a practical life skill as well as a gateway to creativity for all ages. Thank you to Ms. Millar for volunteering her time Friday afternoon to host Sewing Circle. If you would like to volunteer, regardless of your level of experience, please email me with the subject SEWING CIRCLE. While we will have more involved projects later, our greatest need at this time is cultivating independence. That is, being able to thread a needle, tie knots, sew on a line, finish by tying off, and safe needle use!








May your week ahead by peaceful and productive!

Ms. DeWyke


Campus News

Mark Your Calendars!

Feb 13: San Tan University (more info)

Feb 15: Atlantis DIY Day (more info)

Feb 17: No School

Feb 18: First Grade Field Trip

Feb 18: Montessori Vision informational night (NEW DATE!)










Feb 26: Half- Day 11:15am Dismissal

Feb 29: A Night in Atlantis Fundraiser (see below for additional info)


A Night in Atlantis Fundraiser

Through the years we have traveled from fashion shows to A Night in Paris,  celebrated at the Montessori Golden Globes, and now we take you on a grand adventure to: A Night in Atlantis, February 29th at 7:00 pm. Please join us for a beautiful night in the magical underwater Atlantis Kingdom, full of music, fine food, drink, and art created by your favorite Montessori students.

Tickets for the event go on sale January 6th and are $35.00 for General Admission and $60.00 for VIP Seating. VIP tickets include printed pictures of your student(s) taken at a themed photo shoot, plus reserved seating, complete with a bottle of wine.

Want to help? We are looking for the following items:

  • Children who want to preform and share their talents during the evening (If interested, contact Mrs. Heller at:
  • Old pool noodles
  • White Christmas lights (White lights on white strings are the best!)
  • Clear plastic bulbs
  • LARGE cardboard boxes –T.V. or appliances boxes