Saguaro Week in Review: February 24-28

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This Week

This week we got right back on track with List 3 of our sight word books and Math Fact Monday challenge. With Farmer Christian on Monday, a half day on Wednesday, 3rd grade AZ Merit practice writing test on Thursday, and a final Atlantis dress rehearsal on Friday, maintaining our traditional routines is important.

Despite the trepidation that many of our 3rd graders had in anticipation of the AZ Merit practice writing test, and admittedly, I was a bit nervous myself, they did amazingly well! We learned that this was not a big, impossible monster. Rather, our practice of opinion essay writing this quarter had prepared us for this all quarter long! One of the ways we can help prepare them further is by practicing typing at home; is a great (free) resource for this.

Speaking of writing, the 1st graders practiced “bossy ‘e'” (long vowel sound) words using the moveable alphabet. They learned how adding an ‘e’ at the end of ‘can’ turns it into ‘cane.’ Not only is this an essential reading/writing concept, it further emphasizes the concept of vowels. Meanwhile in grammar, (new to our class this year) 2nd graders learned how to identify and symbolize adjectives within text. They begin utilizing this skill first with pre-made sentence strips, then they continue practicing with text from books and their own writing.  The 3rd graders focused on contractions, learning the role of the apostrophe in connecting and abbreviating two words, such as have and not, resulting in haven’t. From our key experience lesson, they will continue practicing this concept with the Skyscraper Word Study materials.

In addition to our Monday Math Fact challenges and math fact memorization, we continue improving upon the ability to solve problems operationally. For some, this meant moving from static to dynamic (requires exchanges) operations, whereas others learned how to add fractions with like denominators.

To top off our week, many of the students participated in the singing portion of the A Night in Atlantis fundraiser Saturday evening. Ms. Berhost and I were so proud of their bravery and talents! We are also so grateful for the support from our community that made this night an immense success. Proceeds from this event will help to fund the new Infant and Upper Elementary classrooms for next school year. Thank you!

With love and appreciation for our Saguaro community,

Ms. DeWyke


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